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Harness the Power of the World’s Best Technologies

ERSA solutions are hardware platform agnostic. We will always work with you to choose the best device for the task at hand. The AR Trainer supports all leading platforms with only minor differences between them.

Vuzix M400

ERSA’s platform of choice, the M400 provides the best balance between power, field of view, and ease of use.

Microsoft HoloLens 2

For the absolute most demanding AR tasks, the HoloLens 2 is king – but the price is steep and your field of view is severely restricted.

RealWear HMT-1

When environmental conditions and PPE requirements demand a rugged device with voice controls, choose the HMT-1.

AR Trainer Simplifies Complexity & Lowers Task Difficulty

Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, the AR Trainer provides real-time illustrations of complex tasks directly to the user where they need them, when they need them.

Procedure learning traditionally starts in a classroom with employees reading through technical manuals with low resolution two-dimensional engineering diagrams. Another common approach is to show the employee a how-to video that illustrates the procedure.

Both methods fail when the employee is standing in front of the device. The textbook is not available. They can’t stop working and look at a TV or computer monitor and fast-forward to the eleventh minute of a 15 minute instructional. With AR Trainer the guidance you need is always right in front of you ready to go.

AR Trainer also almost completely eliminates any language barrier to training by using high-visibility 3D graphics that track in real-time across the user’s field of view. Does your line worker speak Spanish, the operations manager speak English, and your engineering specifications are in German? Not a problem with the AR Trainer. Simply follow the visual cues from start to completion. You can also flip back and forth between UI languages at the touch of a button.

What if you deploy training curriculum to your international facility and then update the master materials in headquarters? AR Trainer supports automatic remote-updating of all content at any time!

Cognitive and behavioral scientists agree: kinetic learning is the fastest way to assimilate new information for people of all ages. Physically going through the motions of a task with augmented instructions dramatically decreases time-to-train for your company. Employees also enjoy better information retention as well. Studies have shown that combining the AR visuals with physical motion creates stronger, longer lasting memories in participants.

ERSA can create a custom AR Trainer solution for your business today. Once your team experiences AR-based learning they will never want to go back to the classroom!

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