Bring your factory maintenance into the 21st century with the ERSA Maintenance Expert platform. Instantly create, deploy, track, and analyze maintenance activities across the globe from any computer at any time.

Experience less downtime.
Enjoy more profit.
It’s that simple.

  • Create and track maintenance procedures

  • Instantly deploy and update procedures globally

  • Verifiable process / machine inspection with real-world tracking

  • Augmented reality enhanced instructions

  • Real-time management dashboard

  • Manage 1000s of machines from one interface

  • Track performance with detailed metrics

  • Turn maintenance data into predictive failure analysis

  • Easy customization and extensibility

  • Simple and affordable cost model

Designed by Industry Engineers for Industry Engineers

The Maintenance Expert platform revolves around the equipment in your facility. Each piece of equipment can have any number of maintenance procedures assigned, and each procedure can have any number of steps. Multiple employees can be assigned to the same equipment or groups of equipment to ensure total scheduling coverage.

Effortless Mobile Device Integration

The Maintenance Expert uses state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) technology to guide the technician through each step of the maintenance procedure. Key areas of interest are highlighted for each task. The AR content can be remotely created, edited, and updated at any time through the management portal. In no time flat your new trainees will become Maintenance Experts!

Simple & Powerful Management Portal

Don’t Have a Preventive Maintenance Plan Already?
No Problem!

Does your existing PM program need help? Do you need a PM program designed from scratch just for you? ERSA has decades of experience doing just that for major manufacturers across the United States.

Our team of experts will deploy our time-tested Preventive Maintenance System Installation Program and have you running a flawless, trackable, comprehensive PM program in no time flat.

The ERSA Promise


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ERSA technologies will make your workplace safer.


ERSA projects will have a clear ROI for your business.