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ERSA uses Librestream’s Onsight platform in combination with Vuzix smartglasses to provide instantaneous hands-free technical support anywhere in the world.

Expert know-how, where you need it, when you need it – it’s that simple.

Direct Reality Support will Revolutionize Your Organization

Rather than wait days or weeks for an expert to arrive on site and assess the situation, with Direct Reality you are instantly connected with an appropriate Subject Matter Expert to begin troubleshooting.

Experts By Your Side

No matter when, no matter where, the Direct Reality Remote Support platform allows ERSA’s experts, or your own, or both to see exactly what the problem is via the operator’s smartglasses. Real-time visual instructions can be drawn over the operator’s field of view.

Discuss and instruct via the embedded microphone and speaker system, all while your hands are free to work on the problem.

Any Platform, Anywhere, Anytime

Your operators can use Direct Reality Remote Support via smartphones, tablets, smartglasses, and laptops. Typically the operator at the problem’s location will be using smartglasses so that their hands are free to work, whereas the subject matter experts will be overseeing the troubleshooting via laptop or smartphone from other locations.

Guide repair procedures with live illustrations in the operator’s field of view.

Discuss design changes right on the factory floor from across the world.

And do it all hands-free, even in challenging environmental conditions.

The ERSA Promise


We’ll never stop until you’re
successful and satisfied.


ERSA technologies will make
your workplace safer.


ERSA projects will have a clear
ROI for your business.